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Whether you are at home or work, Snap Hacks is the perfect choice for sanitary snacking!

When your fingers are covered in your favorite snack, you can’t effectively work at the computer, use a video game console, or even your phone!  Snap Hacks solves this issue with its sophisticated, durable design.

Simple. Sanitary. Snack on.

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11 reviews for Snap Hacks

  1. Brian Low

    What a cool idea! Very creative.

  2. Jarin (verified owner)

    Love my Snap Hack – I keep it at my desk for any time I am eating or snacking. Keeps my keyboard and hands clean – love the style and durability

  3. Shey Anderson

    I love my Snap Hacks! They are so much fun to use and even work on deviled eggs. So far I haven’t found much that I can’t Snap!

  4. Faith (verified owner)

    Buying more for Christmas stocking stuffers !! I can’t live without mine !!!

  5. Faith (verified owner)

    Buying more for Christmas stocking stuffers! I can’t live without mine!

  6. Angelo (verified owner)

    My wife always yelled at me for getting my greasy fingers on the couch after I had some chips. So I bought this snap hack and boom no more greasy fingers on the couch. Asked my wife if this is more better and she is glad her couch is clean. This is wife approved!!

  7. Tom Bartley (verified owner)

    Very cool product and easy to use. I can’t wait to see these all over the world and know that they were created by entrepreneurs in our booming metropolis of Melbourne, FL. If you haven’t bought one yet, you are missing out!!!

  8. Trish Petrucci

    a creative to snack and keep the fingers clean for gaming, blogging, writing, etc

  9. Jeff

    Great Product!

  10. Carla Vtiotto

    love this product, I have one at work, in my tool box for those small things, my craft room, in my purse for sharing appetizers, and of course in the kitchen for everything else!!! Ingenious!

  11. Dee (verified owner)

    Such an incredible product! I use mine at my desk while I’m working at my computer, for snacking and at dinner in place of chopsticks !

    This is the second holiday season I am stocking up for stocking stuffers!

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